Coffee capsules espresso - Ekoplaza - 120gram

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Coffee* (Arabica/Robusta-70/30)* = Organic and Fair Trade

Nutritional values

Energy 160 kcal (666 kJ)
Total fat 0.5 gram
Saturated fat 10.7 gram
Unsaturated fat 2.2 gram
Vet meervoudig onverzadigd 0 gram
Carbs 0 gram
Sugars 2.1 gram
Dietery fibers 0 gram
Protein 0 gram
Salt 0 gram

With Ekoplaza coffee capsules you can make a perfect cup of coffee in no time. The capsules are small, but the contents are great. Fresh coffee from the very best beans with a rich aroma, intense taste and from Fairtrade farmers. That is what we call pure coffee. Espresso is a delicious blend of African Robusta and South American Arabica beans. These are mildly roasted and give a full and powerful taste. Be seduced by the intense taste!

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Cane sugar - Your Organic Nature - 500gr

Ingredients Cane sugar*, * = Organic Nutritional values Energy 1680 kcal (400 kJ) Total fat 0 gram Saturated fat 0 gram Unsaturated fat 0 gram Vet meervoudig onverzadigd 0 gram Carbs 99.5 gram Sugars 99.5 gram Dietery fibers 0 gram Protein 0.5 gram Salt 0 gram
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Tea, Coffee & Hot Chocolate

Coffee arabica instant - Destination - 100gr

Ingredients Freeze-dried instant coffee, 100% arabica from organic agriculture Nutritional values Energy 63 kcal (266 kJ) Total fat 0.3 gram Saturated fat 0 gram Carbs 11.6 gram Sugars 4.8 gram Dietery fibers 0.8 gram Protein 1.8 gram Salt 1.2 milligram
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