Vegetable bouillon - low salt - Your Organic Nature 60gram

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CORN starch*, Palm fat*, Vegetable 19.1% (ratio may vary: CARROT*. parsnips*. ui*. leek*), Salt, Yeast extract*, Natural flavoring, Spices* (parsley*. lovage*. rosemary*), Spices* (garlic*. mace*. pepper*. turmeric*),* = Organic

Nutritional values

Energy 409 kcal (1714 kJ)
Total fat 23.8 gram
Saturated fat 11.3 gram
Carbs 38.3 gram
Sugars 6.9 gram
Dietery fibers 7 gram
Protein 7.3 gram
Salt 15.2 milligram

Your Organic Nature vegetable stock (low in salt) is ideal for seasoning and refining vegetables, soups, sauces and many other dishes. Also very tasty as a drinking stock. Contains only 0.3 grams of salt per 100 ml of stock.

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Fruit & Veg


Nutritional values Energy 32 kcal (135 kJ) Total fat 0.3 gram Saturated fat 0.1 gram Carbs 5.5 gram Sugars 5.5 gram Dietery fibers 2.4 gram Protein 0.7 gram Salt 0.05 gram
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Fruit & Veg

Red onions - 1Kg

Ingredients Red onions*, *= Organic
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Oils, Spices & Condiments

Beef bouillon cubes yeast free - Your Organic...

Ingredients Salt, starch*, palm fat*, BEEF fat* 7%, toast onions*, tomato*,parsnips*, natural flavor, BEEF powder* 2%, spices*, herbs*,* = Organic Nutritional values Energy 288 kcal (1209 kJ) Total fat 20.1 gram Saturated fat 9.6 gram Carbs 21.8 gram Sugars 4.7 gram Dietery fibers 4 gram Protein 3.7 gram Salt 45.2 gram
Oils, Spices & Condiments

Chicken bouillon cubes Natur Compagnie...

Ingredients Sea salt, MAIZE starch*, shea butter*, chicken meat powder* (6,8%), chicken fat* (4,1%), yeast extract, roasted onion*,turmeric*, CELERY*, parsley*, garlic*, CORIANDER seeds*, rosemary*.* = Organic Nutritional values Energy 7 kcal (30 kJ) Total fat 0.4 gram Saturated fat 0.2 gram Carbs 0.7 gram Sugars 0 gram Dietery fibers 0...
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