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Split peas - Your Organic Nature - 400gr

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Split peas *, * Organic

Nutritional values

Energy 352 kcal (1478 kJ)

Fat 1.2 grams

Fat saturated 0.2 grams

Carbohydrates 38.2 grams

Sugars 8 grams

Dietary fiber 25.5 grams

Protein 23.8 grams

Salt 0.04 grams


Your Organic Nature split peas are the ingredient for pea soup. They are peas whose skin has been removed. As a result, the peas fall apart into two pieces. They are therefore rather soft, ideal for the soup. Preparation. Wash the legumes and cook them in 1.5 cooked. Use 80 to 100 grams of legumes per person.


White Couscous - Your Organic Nature - 400 gr

Ingredients COUSCOUS whole grain *, * = organic Nutritional values Energy 344 kcal (1454 kJ) Fat 2.2 grams Fat saturated 0.5 grams Carbohydrates 64 grams Sugars 0.8 grams Dietary fiber 8.8 grams Protein 12.5 grams Salt 0 gram
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