Banana chips - Ekoplaza - 200gr

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Banana* 60%, coconut oil*, cane sugar*, honey*, *= Organic

Nutritional values

Energy 524 kcal (2188 kJ)
Total fat 30.7 g
Saturated fat 27.1 g
Carbs 58.3 g
Sugars 35.2 g
Dietery fibers 2.5 g
Protein 2.1 g

Of all the nuts, the walnut contains the most omega-3, a healthy fatty acid that your body cannot make itself, but it does need. These walnuts come from the Vicol family. A real family business based in Moldova. Most of the walnut yield comes from its own nut groves in the Leova district in southern Moldova. In addition, walnuts from local smaller farmers are also processed. Processing has been taking place since 2001 in our own modern production facility 20 kilometers from the capital Chisinau.

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Breakfast & Cereals

Muesli basis - Ekoplaza - 750gr

Ingredients BARLEY fllakes*, RYE flakes*, WHEAT flakes*, OAT flakes*, raisins*, sunflower seeds*, HAZELNUTS* buckwheat flakes*, sunflower oil*.* = Organic Nutritional values Energy 353 kcal (1478 kJ) Total fat 4.6 g Saturated fat 0.5 g Carbs 62.2 g Sugars 11.5 g Dietery fibers 10.1 g Protein 9 g Salt 0.02 g
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Peanut butter fine saltless - TerraSana - 500gr

Ingredients PEANUTS roasted*, * = Organic Nutritional values Energy 564 kcal (2362 kJ) Total fat 44.9 gram Saturated fat 10 gram Carbs 11.3 gram Sugars 3.1 gram Protein 28.9 gram Salt 0 milligram
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