Baking paper - If You Care - 19.8mts

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19.8 x 0.33 meters of baking paper FSC

Is it time to bake? Then choose If You Care baking paper, because one thing is certain; they care! They have developed baking paper that differs from regular baking paper not only because of its composition, it is fully compostable and can therefore be disposed of with the organic waste. It does not contain fluorine (which means it is also free of the well-known substance PFAS), as the coating is made of natural materials, making it non-harmful and biodegradable.

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Breakfast & Cereals

Raw cacao nibs - TerraSana - 230gr

Ingredients COCOA nibs* raw,* = Organic Nutritional values Energy 648 kcal (2713 kJ) Total fat 53.6 gram Saturated fat 32.2 gram Carbs 27.2 gram Sugars 1.1 gram Dietery fibers 14.6 gram Protein 14.3 gram Salt 0.02 gram
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Montello Parmesan Stick - Bioverde - 125g

Ingredients Cow MILK pasteurized *, Starter, Microbial rennet, Salt, * = Organic Nutritional values Energy 349 kcal (1455 kJ) Fat 23 grams Fat saturated 16 grams Carbohydrates 0 grams Sugars 0 grams Protein 35 grams salt 2 grams
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