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Lemons- 1kg

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Lemons verdelli *,* = Organic

Nutritional values

Energy 36 kcal (153 kJ)
Total fat 0.3 gram
Saturated fat 0.1 gram
Carbs 3 gram
Sugars 2 gram
Protein 0.8 gram
Salt 0 milligram

Lemon is originally an Indian citrus fruit. As with most citrus fruits, the peel contains essential oils, many vitamins and minerals. Lemon zest is sometimes grated for its aroma. Lemons don't have to look bright yellow to pass as 'ripe'. They only look yellow when they have been through cold nights. The pulp of lemon is very juicy and sour. In addition to citric acid (a commonly used preservative), it also contains large amounts of vitamin C.

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Organic Vegetables

Celery 1st

Ingredients Celery*,* = Organic Nutritional values Energy 14 kcal (60 kJ) Total fat 0 gram Carbs 2 gram Sugars 1 gram Dietery fibers 1.1 gram Protein 1 gram Salt 0.15 milligram
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