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Cane sugar - Your Organic Nature - 500gr

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Cane sugar*, * = Organic

Nutritional values

Energy 1680 kcal (400 kJ)

Total fat 0 gram

Saturated fat 0 gram

Unsaturated fat 0 gram

Vet meervoudig onverzadigd 0 gram

Carbs 99.5 gram

Sugars 99.5 gram

Dietery fibers 0 gram

Protein 0.5 gram

Salt 0 gram

Are you looking for an alternative to coconut blossom sugar or palm sugar? Very sweet is dried sugarcane juice in unrefined form. The juice is dried and small granules are formed from it. No vitamins and minerals are lost in the preparation of ancient sugar, so that all nutrients are present. Very sweet has a stronger taste than normal cane sugar. Suitable for sweetening everything for which you previously used other sweeteners!

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Premium dark rice cakes - Bonvita - 100gr

Ingredients Dark CHOCOLATE* 60% (raw cane sugar*, COCOA mass*, cocoa butter*), brown rice* 40%. At least 56% cocoa, * = Organic Nutritional values Energy 501 kcal (2094 kJ) Total fat 25.3 gram Saturated fat 15.3 gram Carbs 60.4 gram Sugars 27.9 gram Protein 5.7 gram Salt 0.03 gram
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Chocolate, Snacks & Biscuits

Chocolate dark 92% - Vivani - 80gr

Ingredients COCOA mass*, COCOA butter*, coconut blossom sugar*. COCOAsolids: 92% min. May contain components of shell fruits, MILK and gluten.* = Organic Nutritional values Energy 2674 kcal (648 kJ) Total fat 59.4 g Saturated fat 37.4 g Carbs 13.1 g Sugars 6 g Dietery fibers 13.6 g Protein 8.5 g Salt 0.02 g
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Tea, Coffee & Hot Chocolate

Coffee arabica instant - Destination - 100gr

Ingredients Freeze-dried instant coffee, 100% arabica from organic agriculture Nutritional values Energy 63 kcal (266 kJ) Total fat 0.3 gram Saturated fat 0 gram Carbs 11.6 gram Sugars 4.8 gram Dietery fibers 0.8 gram Protein 1.8 gram Salt 1.2 milligram
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