Gingerbread naturel - Your Organic Nature - 275gr

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Invertsugarsyrup*, RYE flour* 37%, water, cane sugar*, honey*, vinegar, spices* (cinnamom, cloves, nutmeg), raising agent: sodium bicarbonate, WHEATbran*. May contain traces of nuts.* = Organic

Nutritional values

Energy 291 kcal (1218 kJ)
Total fat 0.5 gram
Saturated fat 0.1 gram
Carbs 67.4 gram
Sugars 41.3 gram
Dietery fibers 2.1 gram
Protein 2.3 gram
Salt 0.4 milligram

This gingerbread is baked according to traditional methods in a Dutch biscuit bakery. This means that high demands are placed on the quality and composition of the ingredients that ensure a smooth and soft character. Natural gingerbread is a soft biscuit, with a nice sweet scent and a nice full herbal flavor. Delicious with breakfast, coffee time or as a snack, for example when exercising.

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