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Products only from certified 100% organic farms and organic food manufacturers.

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Best organic food, drinks, Fruit & Vegetables from Europe and around the World. 

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We guarantee premium quality products and always fresh organic fruit & vegetables.

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High quality organic products, drinks & household items at affordable low prices.

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Simple shopping & fast delivery. Order your products online and we deliver everything to your doors.

Products of the Month - Finest Organic Selection

100% Organic  |  100% Original


Tomato sauce - La Bio Idea - 500gr

Ingredients Tomatoes *, citric acid, * = Organic Nutritional values Energy 22 kcal (94 kJ) Fat saturated 0.1 grams Fat monounsaturated 0 gram Carbohydrates 3.4 grams Sugars 2.9 grams Dietary fiber 0.7 grams Protein 1.1 grams Salt 0.48 grams
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Raspberry Jam - Bionova - 340 gr

Ingredients Cane sugar *, raspberries * (45%), pectin, lemon concentrate *, * = Organic Nutritional values Energy 232 kcal (986 kJ) Fat 0 grams Fat saturated 0 grams Carbohydrates 56 grams Sugars 56 grams Dietary fiber 1.1 grams Protein 0.9 grams Salt 0.01 grams
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Organic Fruits

Oranges - 1kg

Ingredients orange * * = Organic
Gluten Free

Corn Fusilli Gluten-free (Dried pasta based on...

Ingredients Corn flour 70% *, rice flour 30% *, * = organic Nutritional values Energy 350 kcal (1482 kJ) Fat 1.2 grams Fat saturated 0.3 grams Carbohydrates 76.7 grams Sugars 0 grams Dietary fiber 2.2 grams Protein 6.8 grams Sodium 0.001 grams Salt 0 gram

Young corn - Ekoplaza - 340 gr

Ingredients Corn *, water, sea salt, lemon juice *, * = Organic Nutritional values Energy 85 kcal (358 kJ) Fat 1.6 grams Fat saturated 0.2 grams Carbohydrates 13 grams Sugars 5.2 grams Dietary fiber 3.5 grams Protein 2.9 grams Salt 0.28 grams

Organic fruit & vegetables, Organic products from Europe now available in Dublin.

Order your Organic Products online - Fast delivery in Dublin

If you have question or looking for specific organic products contact us. We specialize in sourcing and distributing 100% organic products. Organic drinks, wine and water. Organic tea and coffee. Organic cereals, jam and honey. Organic pasta, rice and sauces. Organic cheese, ham and ready meals. Organic cosmetics, cleaning and household products. All organic products we supply comes from Spain, Portugal, France and Italy. 

Seasons Best Organic Fruit & Veg.

100% Certified Organic Produce

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Fruit & Veg


Nutritional values Energy 32 kcal (135 kJ) Total fat 0.3 gram Saturated fat 0.1 gram Carbs 5.5 gram Sugars 5.5 gram Dietery fibers 2.4 gram Protein 0.7 gram Salt 0.05 gram
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Fruit & Veg

Red onions - 1Kg

Ingredients Red onions*, *= Organic
Organic Vegetables

Carrots - 1kg

Ingredients Wax carrot *,* = Organic

Organic Fruits & Vegetables from

Spain, Portugal, Italy and France

Organic produce available in Dublin.

We’re mad about organic fruits and vegetables – it’s at the core of everything we do. We’ve been trading it since 1987 in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy. We offer all sorts of 100 % organic vegetables and fruits from our European suppliers. We are delivering sealed boxes with organic fruit and vegetables to your door. Everything we sell is 100% certified organic. Try our selection of seasons best produce and live healthy life with us.

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